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BM01 Flat Matte DIY Cluster Lash Extensions Kit

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1. About this item

The kit includes: 

  • 156 pcs clusters total
  • 8-18 mm mixed lengths
  • Eyelash Applicator
  • Dual-sided Brush
  • lash bond and seal
  • remover

NEW UPGRADED DIY CLUSTERS: The flat band eyelash clusters in lash extension kit come with flat and thin lash base, and the cluster lashes can better fit lash glue and natural lashes to make cluster eyelash extensions durable. The bi-pointed tips make B&Q's FLAT LASHES twice as soft as other normal lash clusters.This lash clusters kit are friendly to beginner!

0 GRAVITY LASH CLUSTERS: We've upgraded to a diy lash extension kit based on previous flat lashes. Lightness and softness are the most intuitive feelings of flat lash clusters. Double Tips Volume lash cluster is 0 gravity on eyes and weight is barely noticeable. With the flat lashes in the eyelash extension kit, you can make any face with impunity!

Flexible Use of Lash Map: The 1 lash extension kit has 6 different lengths. You can have different eyelash looks by matching lash clusters with different lengths.

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    BM01 Flat Matte DIY Cluster Lash Extensions Kit
    The effect of wearing B&Q Flat Matte Lash Clusters
    BM01 Flat Matte DIY Cluster Lash Extensions Kit
    BM01 Flat Matte DIY Cluster Lash Extensions Kit
    BM01 Flat Matte DIY Cluster Lash Extensions Kit
    BM01 Flat Matte DIY Cluster Lash Extensions Kit
    BM01 Flat Matte DIY Cluster Lash Extensions Kit
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    How does BQ Lash work?

    BQ Lash Cluster uses the latest technology in lashes to give you long lasting, amazing looking lashes that are easy to apply at home. We have several patents pending on our lashes and adhesive system.
    BQ Lash Bond is super easy to apply and last up to 7 days. One part comes pre-applied to your lashes, and you apply the other just like you would a mascara.

    How long do they last?

    Your lashes will last up to 7 days. The first set you do may not quite last 7 days depending on your skill level, but most people are seeing 5-7 days routinely.

    What materials is B&Q LASHES made of?

    B&Q Lashes eyelash fibers are made from the highest quality Korean PBT material.Korean PBT material is vegan, cruetly free and safe for sensitive eyes.

    Does it hurt to take them off?

    Not at all! Our Remover is amazing at its job. It melts away the adhesive and the lashes will stuff off. If you experience any pain or discomfort, add more remover and give it a few seconds to work its magic!


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    • Professional Grade Quality

    • 7 Days of Continuous Wear