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Lash Bond and Seal 10 ML for Lash Clusters black

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Bond and Seal 2 IN 1: B&Q lash bond and seal waterproof equipped with two types of glue, black and white, which can meet your various needs for eyelash bond and seal. Lash seal can lock the Cluster Lash Glue, help eyelashes extend the use time. Lash extension glue has elaborate brush which can make bond and seal lash glue fully brush on the eyelashes.

Waterproof Wonder:Whether you're caught in the rain, swimming, or sweating through an intense workout, our Lash Bond & Seal keeps your lashes looking perfect. No smudges, no smears—just stunning lashes that last.

Long-Lasting :Enjoy up to 3-5 days of impeccable lash hold. Our bond provides a strong, flexible grip that moves with you, while the seal locks in the look, protecting against daily wear and tear.

Botanical Formula: The formula of lash bond and seal for Lash Clusters is tested by professional team.Eyelash bond and seal is mild and no stimulation to protect natural eyelashes and eye skin. Individual Lashes Glue and Seal is easy to clean without residue.

Easy to Remove: This lash bond and seal for DIY Eyelash Extensionsis easy to remove. Take B&Q Lash Remover with a cotton pad to gently massage the eyes for about 30 seconds, and wipe off the eyelash extension bond and seal and cluster lashes. It is friendly to beginners to use eyelash bond and seal.

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    Lash Bond and Seal 10 ML for Lash Clusters black
    Lash Bond and Seal 10 ML for Lash Clusters black
    Lash Bond and Seal 10 ML for Lash Clusters black
    Lash Bond and Seal 10 ML for Lash Clusters black
    Lash Bond and Seal 10 ML for Lash Clusters black
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    How does BQ Lash work?

    BQ Lash Cluster uses the latest technology in lashes to give you long lasting, amazing looking lashes that are easy to apply at home. We have several patents pending on our lashes and adhesive system.
    BQ Lash Bond is super easy to apply and last up to 7 days. One part comes pre-applied to your lashes, and you apply the other just like you would a mascara.

    How long do they last?

    Your lashes will last up to 7 days. The first set you do may not quite last 7 days depending on your skill level, but most people are seeing 5-7 days routinely.

    What materials is B&Q LASHES made of?

    B&Q Lashes eyelash fibers are made from the highest quality Korean PBT material.

    Korean PBT material is vegan, cruetly free and safe for sensitive eyes.

    Does it hurt to take them off?

    Not at all! Our Remover is amazing at its job. It melts away the adhesive and the lashes will stuff off. If you experience any pain or discomfort, add more remover and give it a few seconds to work its magic!


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    • Professional Grade Quality

    • 7 Days of Continuous Wear