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Self Adhesive Lashes Extensions Starter Kit -SA01

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1. About this item

The kit includes: 

  • 48 pcs clusters total
  • 10-16 mm mixed lengths
  • Eyelash Applicator
  • remover

Premium Self Adhesive Eyelashes: press on lashes come with double Y shaped strip which firmly blends with natural lashes. Applying the glueless lashes directly with tweezers without additional glue.

No Glue Needed No Remover Needed: The easiest thing about no-glue eyelashes is that can be worn directly without lash glue. No glue lashes extension kit is a good choice for traveling and special situations. Simply gently remove the self-adhesive eyelashes clusters with tweezers. Self-adhesive lash cluster kit is very friendly to sensitive people and beginners.

Upgraded Non-Sticky Lash Tweezers: To avoid damaging the adhesive tape, glueless eyelashes extension kit has a non - sticky lash applicator. After sticking the adhesive strip, you can easily separate the strip from the tweezers by hand, and the lacquer on the surface of the tweezers won't deform and deactivate the adhesive strip.

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    Self Adhesive Lashes Extensions Starter Kit -SA01
    Self Adhesive Lashes Extensions Starter Kit -SA01
    Self Adhesive Lashes Extensions Starter Kit -SA01
    Self Adhesive Lashes Extensions Starter Kit -SA01
    Self Adhesive Lashes Extensions Starter Kit -SA01
    Self Adhesive Lashes Extensions Starter Kit -SA01
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    What are self-adhesive eyelashes?

    Self-adhesive eyelashes are cluster lashes combined with eyelash glue through a special technology. They are lashes that significantly refuce the steps of application, making the lash look easy from pluck to get.

    How to use self-adhesive eyelashes

    1. Start with clean lashes.

    2.Use applicator to gently pull cluster off tray, avoiding the adhesive lash band.

    3. Place lash cluster under your natural lashes away from waterline. Start from the outer corner working your way inward.

    4. Use applicator to seal clusters with natural lashes.

    How to remove self-adhesive eyelashes

    TO REMOVE: Use your fingers to gently lift off cluster starting
    with the band.

    How to store self-adhesive eyelashes?

    After removing self-adhesive eyelashes, store them in the box. If the glue strip becomes too dirty, it won’t be suitable for reuse. You can peel off the glue strip from the lashes, returning them to cluster lashes for reuse.


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